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I my name is Cassandra and I am a 19 yr old female from Wisconsin. I have battled with weight issues since second grade. I am finally now some what ok with where I am at and who I am. Although there are days when I HATE looking in the mirror.

I have recently in the past four months or so lost about 50 pounds, yay! I before was considering having that gastric bypass surgery if insurance would have covered it just b/c I was getting so over weight and nothing was helping me shed the pounds. :-( I am already in bad health and the weight just adds to these issues.

I had a boyfriend for about 4 years on and off. I loved him very much, he accepted me for me. =D Although it took me a long time to be comftrable around him also, in time it came. We broke up a year ago in September due to a drug problem he had. :-( I am over it for the most part. But it has been hard finding a man to love me and I think part of it is b/c I am large. I have found some people, but that is another story. Really no luck.

I don't dress in tight clothes b/c I don't want the world to see my rolls, I wear rather baggy clothing sometimes, and still tend to wear my clothes that have now become to big, lol! I am starting to feel better about myself that I have lost some weight and have given up the eating all the time, I don't turn to food the way I used to but I still am not happy with who I am. How can I become happy with who I am? I often wonder if I had someone to love me I would be, any advice please leave a comment?



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