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Hi Everyone

Hey! I figured I would come out and introduce myself..

Hiya my name is Holly Lynne. I am a seventeen year old high school junior from the lovely state of Georgia (not) Midway to be exact.I am 1/2 Korean and 1/2 White. Making me Amerasian!!!! I am engaged to my WONDERFUL boyfriend of five years, Trey. Yeah I said FIVE..1..2...3...4...5... We live at home with my parents, and yeah, one happy family. NOT! I'm like any normal teenage female like to shop, look cute and all that jazz. I was crowned the 1996 Miss Georgia| American Pre-teen Hostess..soo bow down! JK I graduated for the Barbizon school of Modeling in ATL in 1997.yeah, I was a pretty busy kid. But I'm glad its all over. Now I'm a normal kid, w/ a normal life. I am an active member in my high school's FFA yes Im a southern girl,and I take it to.the heart. Southern girls are great. I love to shop, dance, sing, talk of the phone, watch tv, be online, Animals, the show degrassi, uga, Aeropostale, the beach, well water in general] music(country mostly) blah blah blah..if you want to know more ask me! lol....

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